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***Update – May 2020***

As you are no doubt aware, Covid-19 has caused many disruptions to the music community. We are planning to continue moving forward with this project, as a way to not only support our composers (who rely on income from projects like these), but also to provide some sense of normalcy during this difficult time. The details and timeline for the pieces all remain the same as in the original post below, but we have adjusted the financial details in order to maximize flexibility. We want as many groups to be involved as possible, and we are willing to accommodate whatever circumstances you are working around at your program. We have accepted payments from some folks, but have made arrangements with others to delay paying the fees until they have a better understanding of their program’s finances during this uncertain time. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out so that we can find a way to include you and your students!

(Original Post Below)

I am so excited about this project with these amazing people!!!

Percussion Friends, 

I’m organizing a commission for a set of new percussion ensemble works, and I’d love for you to be involved! This brings together some of my favorite things… chamber music, creating new pieces/collaborating with awesome composers, and supporting composers from underrepresented groups! See below for all of the relevant information, and let me know if you are interested in joining!

Musical Stuff:

  • SIX brand new pieces – one each by Jonathan Bingham, Aeryn Santillan, Susanna Hancock, Finola Merivale, Emma O’Halloran, and Shruthi Rajasekar
  • Each piece has a unique instrumentation – some pitched, some unpitched, some a combination – and aesthetic
  • All pieces will be for 3-8 players
  • Pieces can be programmed together, but don’t have to be. Each will be a stand-alone work. 
  • Pieces will be appropriate for professional, university, and even some high school groups
  • Instrumentation will be limited to things commonly-found in school programs, or things that are easily obtained (found instruments, hardware store, etc)
  • One of the goals of this project is ACCESSIBILITY – We want a wide range of ages and ability levels to be able to participate in this project, with as few barriers as possible!

Logistics Stuff:

  • Pieces will be delivered on or before January 1st, 2021 (in time to be programmed in the spring of 2021)
  • $300 total fee (that’s $50 per piece!), paid in two installments (one by May 1, 2020, the other at the time of delivery)
  • Each consortium member will have the rights to give their own “world premiere” at the time and place of their choosing (My students and I will retain the recording rights, but otherwise, all consortium members are equal)
  • One year of performance exclusivity for all consortium members, works won’t be available to the public until 2022
  • We are shooting for 40 consortium members, but won’t be placing a cap on the number of participants… The more, the merrier!

You can learn more about the composers, and check out samples of their work, at their personal websites:

Jonathan Bingham – https://www.jonathan-bingham.com 

Aeryn Santillan – http://www.aerynsantillan.com 

Susanna Hancock – http://www.susannahancockmusic.com 

Finola Merivale – https://www.finolamerivale.com 

Emma O’Halloran – https://www.emma-ohalloran.com 

Shruthi Rajasekar – https://www.shruthirajasekar.com 

If this sounds like something you or your program would like to get involved in, or if you’ve got any questions about it, please send me a message or an email (amgroh@wcu.edu)! Would love to have you on board!