Nine Numbers

It’s finally happening!!!

After watching this project develop over the past 5+ years, Jason Treuting’s Nine Numbers album is dropping on April 8th! Being a part of this adventure has been one of the most exciting and rewarding projects of my career, and the list of incredible artists on this album is truly inspiring! We recorded Nine Numbers 1 in New York in 2018 with Grammy-winning producer and engineer Jon Low, at the same time that the first five pieces were performed live at Roulette Intermedium. Now that all nine of the pieces have been written and recorded, it’s time to put them out into the world! A huge thanks to Jason for coming up with this wild idea and letting me be involved from the very beginning, and to Cantaloupe Records for believing in the project and helping to make it a reality!

The album is available for pre-order HERE, or look for it in early April!

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